The John Galt Bookstore

The idea for the John Galt Bookstore came to us when Charles graduated from MIT. The first thing he did was to open and run a John Birch Society Bookstore. We learned a lot from these bookstores, which themselves were inspired by Christian Science Reading Rooms. The basic idea was to assemble a lot of books and periodicals that reflected our JBS world view, and to create an environment where like-minded individuals were able to surround themselves with viewpoints that encouraged and supported the basic tenets of the John Birch Society:

We immediately saw the great strengths of spreading our "truth" this way: readers were able to read our literature without becoming confused by all the other non-JBS viewpoints that often seemed out of sync with the apocalyptic sense of impending Communist enslavement that were fundamental to JBS. When you were in our bookstores, everything you read was 100% consistent with our beliefs, and regulars at the bookstores invariably became committed members.
Of course, there were limitations:

Years later, Charles and I had the Ouji board out one night, and we were strategizing with the spirit of Ayn Rand. We realized how cheaply and easily we could set up the John Galt Bookstore using the internet, which would be dramatically more powerful than the old JBS bookstores.
Here are the changes we made:

Here are some of the groups we founded, fund and/or have given substantial support to. They sound so American – who would argue with “Freedom” or “Prosperity”?

Many Shelves in the John Galt Bookstore

Dark Money

John Galt Bookstore Selling High School Textbooks?