The Invisible Hand

We’ve all heard of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” – it’s how the market figures out who wins and who loses, and who gets how much.

Most people don’t think too much about how this works, and they assume all “free markets” pick the same winners and losers, and reward the winners the same. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we’re very serious about “leveling” the playing field.

The critical thing is to have unregulated free markets so powerful industrialists like us get to stack the deck in our favor – basically make sure we always have home field advantage when “competing” in these markets. According to Ayn Rand (and her disciple Alan Greenspan), even fraud doesn’t need to be regulated – the market will sort all that out. We’ll go along with that ;)

So how do we stack the deck and give ourselves home field advantage?

Our Philosophy

We believe in Objectivism – a philosophy that rich industrialists are gods, and that anything that prevents us from enjoying all the loot we can squeeze out of society is evil.

The John Galt Bookstore

We have built a giant “reading room” where we spread our anti-regulation, anti-environmentalist, anti-tax philosophy without the readers even knowing it. Oops!

Our Boys

We have purchased a powerful group of GOP politicians who share our viewpoint – or else. They know that the moment they wander from the reservation, we will crush them like bugs.


We’ve got boatloads of it.  We’ve got about $80 billion dollars to play with, and we “invest” heavily in keeping our competitive advantage. Don’t underestimate the power of threatening to destroy your opposition – once you’ve done it a few times, very few are willing to call your bluff.